Journal Entry: Pakistan

Getting ready for a 24 hours+ bus ride

November 11, 2012

9:13 PM, Rawalpindi

Leaving Rawalpindi on a Daewoo Express bus. The trip to Karachi is set to 24 hours. I really wish I had spent more time with (name omitted) and (name omitted).

Overall my trip was well spent. Stayed at the intern house in Lahore, where (name omitted), the Brazilian guy, was the only intern. In Islamabad, although I had planned to stay at (name omitted)'s, I ended up staying at a boy's hostel, in (name omitted)'s room. I slept every night on the floor, inside (name omitted)'s sleeping bag. The only night I slept in a bag was in the last night in Lahore with (name omitted) in the same bed, but I was inside the sleeping bag. I went to Lahore, Islamabad, Hassan Abdal, Taxila, Murree, and Peshawar.

Print do Caderno Print of the original writing on the note I carried.

This country can be amazing, but it's time to leave. I don't want Karachi anymore.

(9:20 PM)

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